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Artist statement
The current body of work consists of more than thirty bronze sculptures. They are based on the human form, starting with classical sculpture as a model, and influenced by the art of various cultures. These sculptures embody a personal symbolism, expressive of their emotive content. Each piece stands alone, but resonates with other pieces in theme and dramatic presentation. The sculptures draw on the power of myth to convey human truths and a sense of the surreal to realize them imaginatively.

As a young artist, I developed my approach to drawing–creating images as a way of thinking, both consciously and unconsciously. I still make drawings, sometimes in preparation for three-dimensional work. Sculptures always begin with the traditional materials of clay on metal armatures. I am involved at all stages of the work from modeling, to casting, to creating the final patina. The ideas for the work often come without prior intention. Sometimes, I create a strong initial study. Working on the sculpture can be intuitive or deliberate–anything can happen at anytime. This can be a long process, taking months, or it can come together immediately.

This work examines the suffering of humanity and its struggling for life, against all odds, as it has been since the beginning of time.
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